I'm SaraMakeba. I am a Cultural History Interpreter driven to understand and shine light on the lives and stories of Africana women/femmes and Africana History and Culture. I am a Womanist. I am committed to personal and collective holistic healing and liberation. And I know this to be true: We cannot heal without claiming ourselves and claiming our stories. They are ours to tell.  

From educator, facilitator, presenter, mentor and tutor, to event coordinator and interpretive aide, I love finding creative ways to inspire and engage people of all ages.

Join me as I strive to survive, thrive and write myself whole. 

*image by artist, Natalie Daise

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Deronda C. Washington

The Gullah Geechee culture is not only rich in history. The gifts our ancestors gave are infinite and inspire us daily but it doesn’t just stop there. No, Gullah Geechee is a living, breathing culture. What we do today continues to shape our community and narrative. From healing work, to activism, music, entrepreneurship, preservation, counseling, parenting, natural hair care and more, Gullah Geechee women continue to “Reach back and get it” and then put their thing down, flip it and reverse it!


Deronda C. Washington, Geechee Gal

I am Charleston, SC born and RAISED!

In grade school I was truly embarrassed to be referred to as Geechee. I thought it had negative connotations–people who left verbs out of their sentences and had little-to-no education. It wasn’t until college that I felt so much pride in the Gullah Geechee cultural identity.

Gullah Geechee is a way of life. It’s the foods we eat.The words we say. The rich heritage of the islands. I love being able to sit in a room, conversing with other Gullah Geechee people and knowing others in the room have no idea what we are saying!! Lol

My passion continues to lie with women and children. I love empowering them to be the best THEM they can be. Because my husband and I recently experienced fertility issues, I want to be a voice for African American women dealing with infertility. There are few resources available to help African American women get through this–especially with the culture we are in.

I feel like I’m always juggling hats. I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend, First Lady of a congregation, educator, business owner and mother. Ironically, I’m a different person in each of these roles because of the unique needs of everyone I serve. 

God continues to call me to be a transparent voice for Him. I remember once saying that I was done with God putting me through trials. However, I now know that it wasn’t about me. He was giving me a testimony to help others.

98% of my clients are African American. I believe that I am always able to meet the needs of our clients because I understand their needs better than some of our “competition.”

It is crucial to make as many lasting impressions and connections through networking as possible. People may not immediately use your services, but they will remember your presence and how confident you were.

We must celebrate through acknowledging our Gullah Geechee culture as well as ensuring it’s longevity for people to have a sense of pride versus shame.

You can read Deronda’s blog, The Other Side of the Blessing & support her work at Legacy Graphic Tees !


Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Cheveze Daniel

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Cheveze Daniel

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Shaniqua Davenport Coaxum

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Shaniqua Davenport Coaxum