I'm SaraMakeba. I am a Cultural History Interpreter driven to understand and shine light on the lives and stories of Africana women/femmes and Africana History and Culture. I am a Womanist. I am committed to personal and collective holistic healing and liberation. And I know this to be true: We cannot heal without claiming ourselves and claiming our stories. They are ours to tell.  

From educator, facilitator, presenter, mentor and tutor, to event coordinator and interpretive aide, I love finding creative ways to inspire and engage people of all ages.

Join me as I strive to survive, thrive and write myself whole. 

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Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Khetnu Nefer

The Gullah Geechee culture is not only rich in history. The gifts our ancestors gave are infinite and inspire us daily but it doesn’t just stop there. No, Gullah Geechee is a living, breathing culture. What we do today continues to shape our community and narrative. From healing work, to activism, music, entrepreneurship, preservation, counseling, parenting, natural haircare and more, Gullah Geechee women continue to “Reach back and get it” and then put their thing down, flip it and reverse it!


Khetnu Nefer, Geechee Gal

I’m from Johns Island, SC.

I have always known that I embodied a cultural identity that surpassed just being black. Even though I didn’t grow up hearing specifically that I was Gullah Geechee in my household, I lived and witnessed the culture on a daily basis. It probably wasn’t until I went to college at Claflin College (now University) that I truly embraced it. Attending an HBCU somehow makes you assess who you are as a black person and I saw from the outside looking in how awesome my culture was. I knew that I had to not only represent but do what I can to help preserve it.

Being Gullah Geechee to me means being proud to be a descendant of a treasured heritage that encompasses more than the middle passage. Our Gullah Geechee ancestors set the precedence and survived despite the odds. Being Gullah Geechee means being the benefactor of a rich and unique living culture that needs to be recognized for its numerous contributions. I call myself the Geechee Goddess in honor of the wonderful strong and intelligent Gullah Geechee women who came before me and shaped and molded my existence. I think by polling the Gullah Geechee people, we can get an even greater understanding of how to encourage others to embrace the culture.  Community forums and focus groups are valuable to help gather information.

khetnu masseuse

My calling is to help others preserve their health. I am passionate about women’s health, especially women who are dealing with infertility. I love helping women connect to their wombs and learning their womb’s story. The goal is to assist women in healing by bringing balance to their lives. I wear a lot of crownsI am a certified holistic health practitioner, certified birth doula, licensed massage therapist of over 12 years, certified Egyptian yoga instructor, certified KuKuwa African dance instructor and budding community herbalist

My purpose is to utilize my skills and gifts and be the awesome person the Divine intends for me to be!

My culture plays huge role in my entrepreneurship as I come from a stock of entrepreneurs on both sides of my family. I think seeing that influenced me in ways that I didn’t realize until I went into business for myself. I think that Gullah Geechee people are so resourceful when it comes to business that it is almost innate. Not all of our ancestors were enslaved. A lot of them were entrepreneurs.

My advice to other Black female business owners: Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate. Don’t try to go at it alone when you don’t have to. Seek out like-minded business owners and network and build with each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to those things that don’t align with your business/brand. Step out of your comfort zone. Be focused and fearless.

Check out the amazing mobile services Khetnu offers at A Soulful Touch Wellness ! You can also catch her in scenes from Underground season 2!

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Grace T. Walker-Harrison

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Grace T. Walker-Harrison

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Jocelyn Holmes

Geechee Gals Gettin' It - Vol. 1: Jocelyn Holmes